Some of our boarding and foster dogs
  1. Boarder: Rex
    Boarder: Rex
    Husky, Rottie, Lab mix
  2. Boarder: Baxter
    Boarder: Baxter
  3. Boarder: Java
    Boarder: Java
  4. Boarder: Betty
    Boarder: Betty
    Black Labrador
  5. Boarder: Sydney
    Boarder: Sydney
    Blue Heeler
  6. Boarder: Oggie
    Boarder: Oggie
    Portuguese Water Dog
  7. Foster: Penny
    Foster: Penny
    Blue Heeler
  8. Foster: Fergie
    Foster: Fergie
  9. Foster: Mellie B
    Foster: Mellie B
    Border Collie
  10. Foster: Benjamin
    Foster: Benjamin
    Chihuahua mix
  11. Foster: Rizzo
    Foster: Rizzo
    Corgi mix
  12. Boarder: Rommel
    Boarder: Rommel
  13. Boarder: Bridgette
    Boarder: Bridgette
    Pitbull mix
  14. Boarders: Pippa and Piper
    Boarders: Pippa and Piper
  15. Boarder: Jack
    Boarder: Jack
    Yellow Labrador mix
  16. Foster: Dewey
    Foster: Dewey
    Pitbull mix
  17. Boarder: Kai
    Boarder: Kai
    Cane Corso
  18. Foster: Wylie
    Foster: Wylie
    Kelpie mix
  19. Boarder: Honey
    Boarder: Honey
    Yellow Labrador
  20. Foster: Duke
    Foster: Duke
    Jack Russell Terrier
  21. Boarder: Crom
    Boarder: Crom
    Pitbull mix
  22. Foster: Lilly
    Foster: Lilly
    German Shepherd, Rottie mix
  23. Foster: Ralph
    Foster: Ralph
    German Shepherd, Rottie mix
  24. Foster: Peanut
    Foster: Peanut
    Pitbull mix