1. Carol Wilde
    Thank you Hayley Hais for helping me with the training of our 6 month Old English Sheepdog, Maggie. You made our training very enjoyable and fun, for me, as well as for Maggie. I was amazed at how much more control I had of Maggie on our walks just after our first lesson. After just four lessons, Maggie is listening more and learning more every day. The one-on-one training really seemed to work with Maggie because she is so sociable and just wants to visit with everyone. You even taught me a way to curb this insatiable desire she has to greet everyone in the park, so that we can get on with our walk! Maggie loved the treats you had for her lessons and certainly loves you! We will be back for more lessons soon! I'm not sure who learned more... Maggie... or me! We will both continue to practice what you taught us until the next lessons being. We are looking forward to trying the group lessons in the Fall. If you are looking for a wonderful dog trainer with lots of patience, and a great personality, I highly recommend Hayley
  2. Heather & John R.
    Another dog trainer recommended Hayley to us when we were looking for someone to help us with our four year old German Shepherd. Hayley was excellent at understanding the behavioural issues, suggesting and communicating methods which we could easily follow, and providing us with concrete feedback. She taught us the techniques then encouraged our dog to cooperate through the use of positive reinforcement combined with a firm expectation.. Her firmness never strayed into punishment or the use of restrictive devices such as prong collars (which some trainers had previously promoted). Our dog remained positive throughout the five lessons and learned along with us. We would not hesitate to recommend Hayley or consult her again
  3. Kim Brown & John Meredith
    Hayley had been recommended to us by friends when we were looking for someone to help “smooth the rough edges” with our two German Shepherds and our daughter’s mixed breed pup. We arranged for six group lessons with the three dogs and five humans (my husband, myself, our daughter, her husband, and their one year old baby). It was clear from our first session that Hayley was a natural. She recognized and appreciated each dog’s unique personality and reassured us we would not be trying to dampen their enthusiasm or turn them into “robo-dogs”; rather, we would strengthen appropriate behaviours to ensure the well-being of our pups and the people around them. We learned a great deal in those six lesson, and feel our worlds have expanded because we can travel anywhere with our dogs and know they will be able to calmly handle whatever they might encounter (bikes, squirrels, other dogs, small running children) and, just as importantly, WE can handle it. Thank you Hayley!
  4. Monique Antsty
    While all of my apprentices have shown talent and enthusiasm, it is rare that I get someone with as much raw ability as Hayley came with. Right from the start, I got to skip the basics, and move onto the more refined details. After just weeks I was sending her home on the weekend with dogs with serious behaviour issues, and she was bringing them back happier, and safer. Hayley understands the part of dogs that separates the good trainers from the great trainers: She can read them. She knows when to push, when to help, and when to accept what you have. She knows which dogs she must get to loosen up and be silly, or when to be more formal and give them instructions to ease their mental pressure. She intuitively knows what dog needs what. While she was here, she was around and working with hundreds upon hundreds of dogs, of all breeds. In all of that time, I cannot remember her ever reading a dog wrong. And she was able to see the same tiny details that I see. Hayley never failed to impress me. Since she's been running her own business, this continues. I am seeing the weekly progress of her day school dogs in their training, and she is getting the same results as I would, but more importantly, she is also molding their personalities the same as I would, into happy, free-spirited, well adjusted dogs. There are very few trainers in this country that are able to do that.
  5. Jennifer Tonsi
    We are so amazed at the work Hayley has done with our 8 month old boxer pup Pippa! Hayley has helped us understand what it actually means to socialize our dog even after all my self training I had it so wrong and we were headed in the wrong direction. Through the course of the training not only was i given lessons but my two sons as well which resulted in great family teamwork :) How my pup walks fabulously on a leash (No pulling and no harness.) We no longer worry about her bolting out the front door and thank goodness she does not jump to meet other dogs or people. We can take her almost everywhere we go. When I took her to the bank with me and she sat in line for 20 minutes quietly bothering no one I knew I had made the best investment in our family pet Pippa. Thank you Hayley for training us all so well :)
  6. Shavauna Ronan
    I can't say enough good things about the positive professional training I received through Hayley. I had rescued a large 3 yr old male German Shepherd Dog who had been used specifically as a guard dog.He had not been socialized at all. He did not know how to walk on a leash. He was very reactive around people as well as dogs. He would lunge and growl at people. He did not want anyone coming too close. He is over 100 lbs and I was unable to control him. I needed help! And boy did I call the right person! Hayley is an amazing person and an awesome professional trainer. After several months of training I can honestly say my dog is not the same reactive scary dog he initially was. He is calmer, more sociable and acts like a goofy puppy at home. He went from being a very aggressive guard dog to a socialized family pet. He is great with kids and accepts our friends coming for visits. As Hayley said, my boy will always be protective and I respect that. I understand my dog better. I am very grateful to Hayley for all her expertise. I highly recommend Hayley to anyone having issues with their dog. I couldn't be happier!
  7. Aaron Peeke-Vout
    When looking for someone to look after our dog while away for two weeks, we were happy to have found Hayley. She was professional and gave exceptional care of our furry family member. In addition, to be able to see pictures on instagram of our dog every day was a fantastic benefit to see how happy he was and that he was getting lots of exercise. It made our vacation that much better to know he was in excellent hands. There was also a very minor medical concern with our dog that Hayley found and Hayley was extremely prompt and communicated exactly the issue and what she suggested be done. She kept us very much up to date and helped resolve. I would not hesitate to recommend Hayley for bordering any time.
  8. Lyn Bull
    I am so very grateful that I was connected with Hayley as she is the best, most compassionate, and professional animal trainer I have met. I had difficulty controlling my reactive male German Shepard to the point of no longer being able to go out on walks in the community. I had previously taken him for socialization and behaviour training but had to stop because of his reactive behaviour. My breeder recommended Hayley at Chewed Slipper, and she has been instrumental in instructing both myself and my dog Parker toward changing how we interact with each other in a positive and confident way. Consequently our lesson training has given both of us the freedom and pleasure to enjoy our outings again. Hayley's first priority is for the safety, well-being, and care of the dog. Her practice is grounded in a firm but fair approach. She has a professional eye for the subtle body communication between a dog and its owner that can help resolve misunderstandings and she provides concrete examples as well as experiences for clear communication between pet and owner to set both of you up for success. Hayley is a quality person who cares about dogs and whose passion is to help foster a positive and healthy relationship between dogs and their owners. Parker is my family and I did not hesitate to send him to Hayley for a 3 week training session as I knew he was in excellent hands. I would not hesitate to recommend The Chewed Slipper to work with you to create a positive relationship with your dog.